Daniella Cracknell is the author of THE LETTER DIARIES, a memoir of mishaps based on 30 years of real-life letters. She is a known television publicist in New York and Los Angeles and has been quoted as such in top-tier publications from The New York Times to USA Today.

Cracknell has stirred media frenzies, managed media controversy, and negotiated national news stories for news and entertainment leaders, and has worked with every media outlet in the nation, from The Today Show to Entertainment Tonight.

Her personal stories have appeared in national magazines from Travel Girl to Fitness, Redbook, and SELF and featured among adversity stories in Hachette's Be Fierce, a #MeToo groundbreaker from Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News anchor portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the film Bombshell.

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This media insider has received acknowledgments in other books from Wiley's THE ASK and McGraw-Hill's Internal Affairs, and now credits her memoir to a conversation she once had with television host Jane Pauley, who is the current host of CBS Sunday Morning.

At the time, Cracknell was VP, Head of Publicity for Pauley's short-lived daytime talk show. The two were on a media tour of American cities and traveling the NBC corporate jet from New York to Los Angeles to promote the program.

On those travels, Pauley was writing her Penguin Random House memoir, Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue, and confided in Cracknell that the process of writing an autobiography was so immensely therapeutic she recommended everyone write one. So, Cracknell wrote one. 

Now, as a backdrop, THE LETTER DIARIES take readers behind the scenes of pioneering daytime talk shows and television news-magazines where Cracknell worked with some of America's most popular television personalities and industry-leading executive producers.

Others Cracknell has worked with include the iconic Dick Clark, the legendary Geraldo Rivera, talk show host Leeza Gibbons, funnyman Howie Mandel, Hollywood heartthrob Mario Lopez and one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, of self-help acclaim.

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Plus, more as Cracknell chit-chats in interviews with THRIVE GLOBAL, AUTHORITY MAGAZINE, and on podcasts Unbreak My Heart and Arrows & Lattes!

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