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Cracknell's personal stories have appeared in national magazines from Travel Girl to Frequent Flyer, Fitness, Ms., Redbook, and SELF, as well as featured among adversity stories in Hachette's Be Fierce, a #MeToo groundbreaker from Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News anchor portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the film Bombshell.

As a seasoned media and public relations executive, Cracknell has received acknowledgments in other books from Wiley's THE ASK and McGraw-Hill's Internal Affairs, and now credits her memoir to a conversation she once had with television host Jane Pauley. At the time, Cracknell was VP, Head of Publicity for Pauley's short-lived daytime talk show, and the two were on a media tour from New York to Los Angeles.

On those travels, Pauley was writing the final pages of her Random House autobiography, Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue, and while the two were up in the sky on the NBC corporate jet, Pauley confided in Cracknell that the process of writing an autobiography was so immensely therapeutic she recommended everyone write one. So, Cracknell wrote one so she, too, could experience a mental makeover. 


Cracknell now invites readers on a shared therapeutic journey that travels time and distance for a new perspective on all that could go wrong does go wrong. In the past, Cracknell’s prolific letter writing to her grandmother overseas had been the glue that got her through a life of colossal mishap but has since engulfed Cracknell in a mental makeover of Pauley description. 


Of the experience, Cracknell says, “What I know now as better, I did not know then as any better, nor did I trust gut instincts as internal self-care you never ignore.” 

Cracknell is a nationally known publicist and comes out of the talk and news media industry. She has driven large scale publicity campaigns for pioneering daytime talk shows, iconic television news-magazines like INSIDE EDITION and A CURRENT AFFAIR, reality dramas as well as cable lifestyle programs and networks. 

As such, Cracknell has stirred media controversy, handled media crisis, and negotiated national news stories featured on The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and other national news outlets from MSNBC, to CNN and Fox News. She has been quoted in leading publications as a media spokesperson from USA Today to The New York Times.  

“Cracknell has been tasked with the toughest assignments and consistently delivers. Her skills should not be underestimated,” says Ron Sato, former SVP, Worldwide Corporate Communications for Sony Pictures Television.

As a backdrop and by no means a tell-all, THE LETTER DIARIES takes readers behind the scenes on television sets from New York to Los Angeles where Cracknell worked with some of America's most popular television personalities. She held memberships in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the British Academy of Film, and Television Arts and Women in TV & Film, and tells of her time in television production.   

Today, Daniella runs a boutique marketing consultancy where she produces and promotes lifestyle brands with reputations as reliable, trustworthy and socially good. Her portfolio features startup to established clientele from New York to Los Angeles, and includes a wide array of authors she has worked with from NPR's Eric Deggans to New York Post's Michael Starr.

Clients call Daniella 'a turn-around expert' for developing their thought leadership into multiple revenue streams for broadcast, publishing and e-commerce. One particular client, Laura Fredricks, notes: 

“What is special and unique, Daniella has the uncanny ability to draw a string around everything you have done, all your skills and attributes of the past, and then showcase them in a way you never imagined to get you to your next level. This sets the stage ..."

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