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Return to the age of letter writing made popular by the most widely read novelist in English literature, Jane Austen. In her most famous Pride & Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility, a new day was not complete without the arrival of a letter or the anticipation of a reply. In this new book read by first-time author Daniella Cracknell, letters are once again the glue that holds life together, similarly, bridging time and distance but through modern-day misfortune. 


THE LETTER DIARIES invites readers on a therapeutic journey in a refresh of their own lives as the author restarts hers through the reopening of time-gone-by letters she penned to her grandmother overseas. When letters are returned, a promise buried in one of the letters is unearthed, but only at death can the promise be fulfilled. 

If you enjoyed the obsessive journaling in Bridget Jones' Diary, the family travails in Wild From Lost to Found, and a respite from the traditional in Eat, Pray, Love, then you will enjoy our story, which delivers a lifetime of letters from a new generation of women - a daughter, a mother and a grandmother who travel together here, there, and everywhere through the written word. 

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Cracknell - a blend of Cheryl Strayed meets Helen Fielding in an Elizabeth teaching moment."

—Longtime OPRAH producer Shantel Klinger—

“There is something pleasantly, innocently voyeuristic about reading an epistolary novel," says Book Riot. Adding, "They give you the feeling of stumbling on a box of letters left in an attic, but there are no consequences or hurt feelings if you read them. Actually, the author prefers that you read them.”

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“Cracknell emerges as a resilient, sprightly, and engaging character ... a dream read!” 

—MARY, Test Reader, English Professor, Avid Book Clubber, NY—   


Stay tuned as more of our story unfolds into published form. In the meantime, we would love it if you, too, would be among our early reviewers. Simply share your email with us by clicking on HEREOr, click on the book cover, where a sign-up will also appear. We can then alert you to our big reveal.

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