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Did you enjoy Reese Witherspoon’s mental makeover in Wild, From Lost to Found, and Julia Robert's escape from the traditional in Eat, Pray, Love? Or, Renee Zellweger’s obsessive journaling in Bridget Jones Diary?

Then, you will enjoy our story in a memoir of mishaps that centers on a serial singleton stuck in a mental spin until she finds resolve out of a box of letters she herself penned to her grandmother overseas.

All the while, the letters are the glue that holds life together much like a diary is to those who journal. Find hope in troubled times, inspiration amid chaos, as well as insight and feel-good energy.


Our story is told through 30 years of real-life letters from a granddaughter to a grandmother with new discoveries in correspondences she finds her mother writes, too.

“There is something pleasantly, innocently voyeuristic about reading an epistolary novel,” says Book Riot. "They give you the feeling of stumbling on a box of letters left in an attic, but there are no consequences or hurt feelings if you read them. Actually, the author prefers that you read them.”

Delve into a lifetime of written correspondences that only at the grandmother's death, as an inheritance of sorts, could the granddaughter reopen. THE LETTER DIARIES invite readers on a shared journey to relive life with new perspective. But first, meet the author ... 

"A blend of Cheryl Strayed meets Helen Fielding in an Elizabeth Gilbert teaching moment," says longtime OPRAH producer Shantel Klinger, a colleague of first-time author Daniella Cracknell who, with a last name like Cracknell, is convinced she is cracked at the core.

Her father had, affectionately, been nicknamed “Crackers,” too. For him, the name rang true. His mental illness had cracked his world apart, and his career among Britain’s leading actors was now long gone. However, Daniella was sane, at least, in all senses of the word. So, why was her world torn apart, too?

Daniella had good girl qualities and, supposedly, had done all things right. But if life had not gone so perfectly wrong, our serial singleton would never have known this American life.

Naturally, she falls into the same industry as her father who earned early fame on primetime BBC, but Daniella was not bitten by any acting bug. Instead, she lands a supporting role as a daytime talk show publicist where she works alongside some of America's most highly recognized news and entertainment personalities.



Daniella Cracknell

All while, Daniella juggles romantic relationships and family debacles in parallel to her professional breakdowns. In the past, her prolific letter writing to family overseas had been the glue that got her through a life of colossal mishap. But now, her letters engulf her in a mental makeover that takes readers on a journey through quaint English villages and big cities of London, New York, and Los Angeles where letters were mailed and received. 

Daniella had not intended her letters to be returned when she wrote them, but here they now were at her doorstep in a documentation of the varied paths she had taken. Perhaps her former self would reveal patterns of discourse, and her own musings could help make sense of why things she had set up to go so right had gone so, horribly, wrong. 

As prolific as Daniella was in writing letters, she was equally fluent in jotting down her private thoughts, quirky and silly ones you wouldn’t dare, out of embarrassment, share with anyone but yourself privately in a diary. When pieced together with letters from the box, Daniella now sees what she hadn’t seen before.

Cemented in a letter was a pact she had made with her grandmother, but only at death could the promise be fulfilled. By returning the letters, her grandmother delivers on her end, which now leaves Daniella to complete the rest. However, the letters were from all over the place, here, there, and everywhere that making sense of matters would take time to piece together.  

Email was not in full-bloom then but it would not have mattered. Nothing beats the enjoyment of a letter pulled fresh out of the mailbox, nor the fulfillment of putting one in the mail. What I knew then, I did not know as any better, nor did she trust gut instincts as internal self-care you never ignore.

Together, do we find a new perspective on all things that could go wrong, do go wrong? Find out as our story unfolds into published form, be among the first to review. We would love it if you would. To do so, email is most needed so input HERE. We can then alert you to our big reveal plus, more!


Our story is close to completion with 13 chapters that deliver life lessons but currently only available as a book proposal. We are, however, in the early stages of discussion about our romantic dram-edy with TV agents, producers, and publicists.

See below early test reviews and stroll further down for 'industry chatter.' Plus, more as we chit chat in interviews with THRIVE GLOBAL and AUTHORITY magazines, and on podcasts Unbreak My Heart and Arrows & Lattes.

“Cracknell emerges as a resilient, sprightly and engaging character ... a dream read, loved it!” 

—  MARY, Test Reader, English Professor, Avid Book Clubber, NY —   



Travels out from family travails ... WILD FROM LOST TO FOUND by Cheryl Strayed, a Magazine Writer The book from Knopf Doubleday/Penguin Random House reached No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List, translated into 30 languages. Reese Witherspoon stars in $52.5M Box Office (Budget: $15M). 

Breaks with tradition to find herself … EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert, a Magazine Writer The book from Penguin Random House sold 9 million copies generating $135M in sales, not including sales of movie tie-in.  Julia Roberts stars in $204.6M Box Office (Budget: $60M).

Journals religiously, a quirky Brit … BRIDGET JONES’s DIARY by Helen Fielding, a Newspaper Columnist The book from Penguin Random/Picador-Macmillan sold more than 15 million copies, published in 40 countries. Renée Zellweger stars in $281.9M Box Office (Budget: $25M)


Friends have settled down; she’s not anywhere close … FRIENDS WITH MONEY stars Jennifer Aniston Sony Pictures Classics US $18.2M Box Office (Budget: $6.5M) 


Life could go one way or the other … SLIDING DOORS stars Gwyneth Paltrow Miramax Films (US) United International Pictures (UK) $58M Box Office (Budget: $6M)


Maintains polite manners of British society  … SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, another film out of another Jane Austen novel where a day was not complete without the arrival of a letter. 

As revealed in THE LETTER DIARIES, this particular Jane Austen film stars British actress Imogen Stubbs whom Daniella looks enough alike Director Hubert Ross of Footloose and Steel Magnolias fame selects her to stand-in for the lead actress who co-stars with James Spader and John Cusack in the Paramount film  TRUE COLORS. 

Dr. Michael Mollura, Beverly Hills Psychotherapist, Music Composure and Contributor to NETFLIX's HEAL with Deepak Chopra


Cracknell brings sunshine to an area where healing is not the easiest, and helps readers see a brighter tomorrow."

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